Sheri has been a natural leader her entire life and found her true calling when she discovered how to apply her talents in the world of dentistry.

Being a coach is truly a way of thinking and behaving in a way that can help others find their own inner strengths. Although Sheri has the knowledge and expertise to teach and consult about practice management, her deepest skills lie in the way she can help to bring the best out in others and guide them to explore their own answers.

Sheri’s practice and methodology of coaching are grounded in principals of Positive Psychology and Gestalt theory. If it is true that individuals thrive when they feel a sense of purpose, autonomy, relatedness, and competency, Sheri consistently brings those concepts to life within the scope of dental teams. Rather than simply attempting to motivate others (which could result in short term change) her work’s intention is to inspire individuals to lean into their own internal drivers (creating a greater potential for sustained change).

Working the field of dentistry can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be extremely stressful, lonely, and oftentimes even frightening. Sheri has a unique ability to help people learn the necessary skills of clear communication, organization, leadership, team development, and focus.

Sheri’s clients consistently say that they have become happier and more effective in all aspects of their lives, not only in their practices, as a result of their relationship and learning with her.