It Takes a Team! Creating a Practice that Truly Thrives!

If it was “just about the teeth” it would be easy to be successful. The reality is that it takes great intention around hospitality, marketing, systems, organization, service, as well as incredible patience and compassion to make it through each and every day. This lively program will help you think differently about what every team member can do on Monday morning to positively influence each other, your patients, and overall health of your practice.

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Change your thinking… Change your hygiene appointment

Today’s research in psychology, human motivation, and neuroscience all relate to our work with patients. This energizing program for hygienists inspires new thinking and provides opportunities to facilitate patients toward making optimal health choices. Although some may refer to these as the “soft skills” they are actually the ones most necessary for practice health and profitability. As a perfect addition to the behavioral aspects of the hygienist/patient relationship, this program also delivers actionable  “Monday morning tools” for:

  • Defining/enhancing your perio protocols
  • Using digital photography to deepen powers of observation
  • Engaging patients in co-discovery
  • Enhancing listening and delivery skills
  • Gaining clinical closure

The Hygienist as a Restorative Partner in Your Practice

This program combines my energetic style with hands-on engagement for your team. We explore core service values, learn to apply these values, and role-play conversations with patients. We follow that with a workshop on using digital photography to deepen our powers of observation. This program redefines the patient-hygienist relationship at its core, and sets your hygienists up for a paradigm shift in their behaviors and methods, which will help your practice to nurture and retain patient relationships.

You’re Hired!
And We’d Like the  Rest of You to Stay: Getting and Keeping the Right People on Your Bus.

Do you hire based on whether you like the person you’re interviewing? Reimagine your hiring methods and discover proven approaches to attracting, interviewing, and hiring the talent you want. You’ll build a strategic plan to attract the new people you need, and to maximize the gifts and talents of your current team.

The Gift of Connection

Stop talking and start communicating. Learn how to create deeper connections with your team, your patients, even your family and friends. I’ll teach you a few simple, proven techniques designed for any dental professional who wants to know how to:

  • Listen actively
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Offer effective feedback without conflict
  • Assess different communication styles
  • Build rapport simply
  • Accept responsibility for personal energy
  • Have extraordinary phone calls
  • Enhance all patient experiences, every time
  • Lead and participate effectively in team meetings

The 9 Administrative Systems that Make Practices Soar

Your administrative team are the eyes and ears of your practice. This course will show you the secrets of the most elite dental practices. Learn how to orchestrate and improve the 9 most important administrative team systems.

You’ll learn how to build and foster these systems:

  1. The advocate, or your practice’s concierge
  2. Patient communication protocols
  3. Scheduling
  4. Financial arrangements
  5. Written policies and systems
  6. Support for your team
  7. Marketing
  8. Your practice’s financial health
  9. Your practice’s attitude, voice, and face