Practice Management

Along with being an extraordinary Coach, Sheri Kay loves working with dental practices through strategic planning in the areas of their organization, productivity, and profitability, as well.

Being organized is very different from understanding the organization. Sheri provides a systematic approach to defining, developing, writing, implementing and assessing the effectiveness of policies and systems in your practice. As easy as it would be to just “give you” the manual to run your practice, Sheri will instead guide on how to engage your entire team in this process… thereby enhancing the potential of your long term success.

There are many areas of your practice that can be focused on, so together with Sheri you will develop a plan that includes foundational systems along with what what is most important to you.

Areas of attention may include, but are not limited to:

▪ Phone Skills

▪ Case Presentation

▪ Team Meetings

▪ Basic and Advanced Communication

▪ Hygiene Mix of Services

▪ Effective Scheduling

▪ Internal Marketing

▪ Financial/Cash Management